found -
journal entry written at age 16:

before I die I want to sit down to a piano and play
Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto in B Flat (Minor),
dance the flamenco, wrestle with a tiger and
fly in a hot air balloon
I never played the concerto,
but I've plucked heartstrings,
played skin flutes,
banged the drum slowly,
and whistled in the dark.

I never danced the flamenco,
but I've skipped down the yellow brick road
with a tinman on one arm and a scarecrow on the other.
I've merengued till I dripped with jewels of perspiration,
waltzed on the beach to the music of the moon,
and rocked with my son at his wedding.

I've never wrestled with a tiger,
but I've been stepped on by a bear,
ravaged by a hungry lion,
and side-stepped
a few snakes in the grass.

Now, where's that hot air balloon?

Carrie Berry