You have reached the personal website of Carrie Berry, the face behind Fandango Virtual. From my father I inherited the mind of an engineer; from my mother, the curiosity of a scientist and the spirit of creativity. Words were my first playthings and my fascination with those who could magick them into art drove me to collect, question, analyse and deconstruct them; generally entangling myself in their power.

For the last 22 years Fandango Virtual has provided a vehicle for sharing my passion with others and given a platform to showcase excellent examples of contemporary creativity. In that time I have shared very little of my own work, but I have been thinking it is time to change that. I hope the writing you find on these pages will touch you in some way.

Please also check out my blog and the links page if you want to share what's happening in my life.

Carrie Berry
publisher/editor in chief/webmaster
Fandango Virtual