too many

there are too many people in this head
friends that weren't
lovers that didn't
faint others that can't be defined
but won't be confined
to their cabins

the passenger list is too long to sort out
can't bother with making the effort to shout
"bugger off now or cough up the fare"

there are too many people in his head
the skeleton
dancers provide him
no answers while truth begets lies;
a jumble of flies
in the ointment

in judgement he sits but it's so clear to me
there's no chance of his ever getting off free
while he oversees the tribunal

there are too many people in this bed
old bodies, young bodies
undiscerned somebodies
piled high and deep
coming between us
precluding sleep

Carrie Berry
© 1998


It was quite an honour to have this poem included in the Literary Potpourri Anthology #4 (2002) by Lit Pot Press.