Bonfire - an international conflagration

an international conflagration
ISSN 1745-3607

Fandango Virtual's quarterly print journal is based in the UK but its pages have showcased a powerful collection of up-and-coming international writers whose fire is destined to brighten the literary world.

The first three issues brought you an amazing collection of contemporary fiction, poetry and art. Subscriptions are no longer being sold, but single issues are available.

Regretfully, the Winter Solstice issue will not be published.

Published Bonfire issues:

Issue 1/2005 - 20/03/05 - Vernal Equinox
Issue 2/2005 - 21/06/05 - Summer Solstice
Issue 3/2005 - 22/09/05 - Autumnal Equinox

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