about fandango virtual

Fandango Virtual (pronounced vir-tu-AL; rhymes with "call me Al") is an independent publisher with an international audience and worldwide circulation. Its interface with the public is handled exclusively through virtual connections.

Since it was founded in 1995 by Carrie Berry, Fandango Virtual has provided quality poetry, fiction and art to readers from all over the world through such vehicles as online poetry workshops, ezines, poetry chapbooks and print journals. It has now released the first in a series of novels.

iguanaland, the hottest poetry rag south of the virtual border was created by Carrie Berry in 1995 and has been on several servers during that time. iguanaland is not currently featured online but a commemorative anthology is on the lineup.

The original online version of Bonfire was created in 1998 when the editors (Carrie Berry and Jim Maddocks) realised how much they valued the help they had received from a variety of resources. They wanted to give something back to the writing community by sharing what they had learned and found that many of their readers also wanted to do so. Unfortunately, it was necessary to remove the archives from the site. The Poetry with Commentary feature of the print version of Bonfire was a legacy of the old Bonfire spirit.

Bonfire, an international conflagration featured the best of contemporary international poetry, fiction and art. The quarterly journal showcased a powerful collection of up-and-coming international writers. If you are fortunate enough to have one of the three issues produced, we hope you will treasure it or share it.

Oxygen is an online sampler showcasing the work of the generous folks who have made financial gifts in support of keeping the fire burning—one small way to show our appreciation for this valued assistance.

Gator Springs Gazette, online since 2001, first appeared as a monthly print journal in January 2004. It went bi-monthly later that year and quarterly in 2005. Submissions are no longer being solicited for Gator Springs Gazette. The final print issue was released in 2006. Some electronic versions are still available in the archives.

FV Books has released three novels and one poetry book at www.fvbooks.com. Plans to add more titles are in the works. Ebooks for these titles are being released as developed at www.smashwords.com/profile/view/fvbooks.

The selections showcased online from Bonfire, iguanaland, Gator Springs Gazette, Oxygen and in any other feature of this site are the creative property of the individuals who own the copyrights. Please respect their rights. The showcased materials and opinions of the staff and patrons of Fandango Virtual do not necessarily reflect the opinions of anyone else in the known universe.

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