MM 10 January 2022: Corner

The intersection of the first three modules of an origami Mondrian Cube (designed by David Mitchell) assembled by me from the Leyla Torres video. My first flickr Macro Mondays challenge of 2022, that I have christened The Year of Origami.

Just before Christmas I was challenged with wrapping some presents without any traditional paper and ribbons, so I started playing with leftover packing materials from the move and some art paper I’ve collected over the years. I folded some currency to send to my grandchildren and now I seem to be folding everything I can get my hands on. My problem is that I am attracted to more complex origami models than I’ve done before, so I am learning the basics the hard way by deconstructing and reviewing my failures. I am happy to find myself surrounded by a wealth of experts willing to share their knowledge, many of whom are no longer alive. Thanks to you all.

I decided to blog my progress on the outside chance some of you would like to watch the progress of an old woman in a comfy chair.

Published by Carrie Berry

hardwired as an engineer, fuelled by passion for words, art and music.

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