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A version of the following block of ‘fine print’ appeared on the various iterations of Fandango Virtual prior to the debut of print Gator Springs Gazette. GSG gained in popularity and became the home page of the site. The Bonfire pages while sharing server space with Fandango Virtual, were always managed separately as a joint venture between Carrie Berry and Jim Murdoch. The same holds true of the print journal, Bonfire: an international conflagration, and the still existing FV Books. BYTE ONE was created to make light of the financial status of all projects.

  The fine print:

fandango virtual – © 1996 ( and in 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2022 just to do it right) by Carrie Berry (who can be reached at and presented by BYTE ONE – a mis-registered and totally non-profit organisation – having its head offices just to the left of the right side.

The characters: Rusty Gates, Gloria Patri, Randy Gastropod and others appear courtesy of the MPD Players and are the property of Carrie Berry. There is some fiction and some truth in all MPD characterizations, though any similarity to persons or characters outside of Carrie’s head is purely coincidental. All copyrights to work presented by non-fictional individuals are owned by the individuals. The selections showcased in iguanaland, Gator Springs Gazette and in any other feature of this site are the creative property of the individuals who own the copyrights. Please approach these individuals directly with any remunerative offers. The showcased materials and opinions of the staff and patrons of fandango virtual do not necessarily reflect the opinions of anyone else in the known universe.

Gator Springs Gazette is a literary journal with a partially fictional staff. The guest contributors are real writers who receive no worthwhile compensation but retain copyright to the works published in the Gazette. Articles and works by the fictional staff (including but not limited to Ernie “Junior” Hemingway, Electra Hemingray, Spencer Hemingray, Wanda Le Sabre, Minnie Invicta and Blind Carbon Copy) are the intellectual property of Carrie Berry. Imedia Res, formerly an MPD Player, has asserted her autonomy and flown the coop. I wouldn’t give too much credence to her opinions as she rarely followed through on anything and usually only had half the facts. The ufo-alligator animated gif was created by Jeff Rose and is used with his permission.

Morpheus Arms is a fictional residential hotel, home of the MPD Players, one name used for the collective fictional characters (including, but not limited to: Blind Carbon Copy, Gloria Patri, Hannah Graham, Randy Gastropod, Rusty Gates, iggy lopez, Ernie “Junior” Hemingway, Electra Hemingray, Spencer Hemingray, Wanda Le Sabre and Minnie Invicta), created by Carrie Berry and used in various ways on this site. All works presented as being written by these characters are the creative property of Carrie Berry and protected by her copyright.

iguanaland, the hottest poetry rag south of the virtual border was created by Carrie Berry in 1995 and has been on several servers during that time. Contributors to iguanaland have received no compensation and retain all copyright to their work.

c:\echo on is the interface to personal works and comments by site owner, Carrie Berry. The skull graphic and the embryo graphic are collaborations by Leonardo Da Vinci and Carrie Berry and may not be used without the express permission of Ms Berry and Mr Da Vinci. All works linked through this page and on this site are the intellectual property of Carrie Berry and protected by her copyrights. No written works, original graphics or original music may be used without Carrie Berry’s permission.

The fandango virtual experience is yours to enjoy at no personal cost beyond the investment of your online time. Some of the graphics used on these pages were taken from sources which granted permission for their use on non-profit websites. This is definitely a non-profit website.
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~ intuitive services for a dynamic world ~

Give your left brain concepts a right brain spin with creative solutions to problems you probably don’t really have. Yet. BYTE ONE is sure to claim that few animals were harmed and absolutely no sentient beings were consulted in the creation of these pages. Believe it if you will.

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