Carrie Berry:.

a bird on the head is worth some concern,,,

but you get used to it after a while. This is the way into freefall – the fabled electronic poetry chapbook of – Carrie Berry. “Plunge into her alternate windings…unfettered, uncompromising, unplugged.” That was the challenge in Carrie’s first iteration of Fandango Virtual in 1994 before it published the works of others. Her personal website was known as c:\echo on until the Klee inspired avatar demanded the change to ‘a bird on the head’ (also her twitter handle).

I am Carrie Berry, the face behind Fandango Virtual (rhymes with call me Al). I am also known as jefalump, a portmanteau nickname constructed from jefa (pronounced hay’-fa), leftover from my days as a production manager and (heffa)lump because of my obsession with elephants. I use that on WordPress and Flickr and a few other spots around the web. From my father I inherited the mind of an engineer; from my mother, the curiosity of a scientist and the spirit of creativity. Words were my first playthings and my fascination with those who could magick them into art drove me to collect, question, analyse and deconstruct them; generally entangling myself in their power.

In 1994 Fandango Virtual provided a vehicle for sharing my emerging poetry with others after spending the requisite trial by fire on AOL. Once i learned to use it as a platform to showcase excellent examples of contemporary creativity, I have shared very little of my own work, but I have been thinking it is time to change that. I hope the writing you find on these pages will touch you in some way.

ha’penny broadsides (3 pages)

  • before I die
  • god’s kiss
  • ma guitarre et moi
  • not knowing margaret
  • orbs

lytle books

  • ramsom notes (chapbook: jordanhill press 1998)
  • tartan quilt (chapbook: jordanhill press 1998)
  • night gallery

proud moments

  • bar noir (nfg: issue 6)
  • too many (Literary Potpourri Anthology #4: Dec 2002)
  • healing (White Wings: 1996)

a word play in one act

  • an egg in a scarlet ribbon (White Wings: 1996)

short stories

  • jigsaw (insolent rudder: 2003)
  • All Day Breakfast (In Posse Review, Issue 17)
  • The Gift (Quilted in Gator Springs: 2002)

(I have a number of short stories ranging from micro-fiction to novella length which have not been submitted or published.)

published under pseudonyms

  • Blind Carbon Copy
  • Morpheus Arms

novels (work in progress)

  • Joan Dark
  • Foolscap Quarto
  • Blind Carbon Copy (working title)
  • Tidewater
  • Milledgeville
  • Corvid-EYE
  • in articulo mortis
  • pulse