Jim Murdoch

A Portrait of the Writer as a Young Man

Jim Murdoch, Dublin, 2004

I was born in Glasgow in 1959 and although throughout my life I have lived in most parts of Scotland I have found myself continually drawn back to the “friendly city” where I now live quietly on the outskirts with my wife.

My writing career began at school and I continue to write and publish poetry to this day. During the nineties I experienced a lengthy period of writer’s block – it lasted two years – then one day I sat down and started writing. Twenty-one pages later I had the bare bones of a novel, Living with the Truth.

Since then I’ve broadened my horizons completing two plays and a decent body of short stories. I am currently trying to decide if I’m writing my sixth novel or just kidding myself.

All good things come to an end, and all bad things, too, one supposes, and, as a matter of course, the noncommittal and the inconsequential… 

The More Things Change, Jim Murdoch 

Jim posted his last blog entry in 2017 after diligently writing for ten years. It was a lot of work but there is a huge amount of material here worth reading when you have some spare time. Cb.

The Truth About Lies

One of Jim’s hobbies is tinkering with his keyboard in the middle of the night. Check out his YouTube channel where you can find some of his original tunes. On facebook you will find news of recent poems published.